Geelong Gallery's Art without borders-learning box program focuses on high quality education that equips students with a broad range of knowledge, skills and personal qualities to confidently meet the challenges of life in a complex, information-rich and constantly changing world. 

The Art without borders-learning boxes use cultural objects and images of works of art from the Geelong Gallery's permanent collection. Learning boxes are designed to assist in the delivery of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, Level 1 to Level 6 and VCE Design Studies for teachers and schools to plan their teaching and learning programs, using the three strands, to enable their students to achieve the essential statewide learning standards.

All learning boxes include background notes for teachers and suggested learning activities for students. These learning boxes are free for schools to borrow (depending on availability) and supported by professional development opportunities for teachers.

1. Art without borders - learning boxes

1.1 Buckley learning box
Explore the social and cultural heritage of the Geelong region.

This learning box of objects and images is a fantastic introduction to the story of the Wathaurong people, their relationship with William Buckley and their combined impact on European settlement. The box contains objects of trade, letters of the time, early maps recording uses of the land, examples of tools and food sources, the Wautharong language and traditions. 

1.2 Myths and rituals learning box
Introduces students to ideas and traditions outside Western Culture.

The content of this learning box creates an ideal opportunity to introduce students to the richness of ideas and traditions that exist outside Western culture. These items were selected to challenge students' knowledge and understandings of what is valuable, beautiful and functional.  The intention is to inspire classroom discussion and activities that embrace the use of more unusual forms, decoration and materials.

1.3 Who's Who portrait learning box
The Geelong Gallery has designed this learning box to assist primary, secondary students and teachers to develop knowledge, skills to create, explore and interpret portraiture that connects history, art and the stories of people.  Reproductions of a selection of Geelong Gallery's permanent portrait collection are presented as the focus in this learning box. The learning box will also support students and teachers to prepare their entries for the annual ‘Who's who portrait prize'.

The learning box includes images, a power-point presentation and a class set of activity sheets and mirrors.  It is a fantastic introduction to portraiture and the Geelong Gallery's permanent portrait collection.

1.4 Art industry context learning box
Studio Art 2010-2014, Area of Study 3

Geelong Gallery created this learning box to support students in acquiring both knowledge and skill in the roles, presentation, preservation and conservation requirements of artworks in a public collection.

This Learning box includes the following:

  • DVD Insight into Geelong Gallery - faces and facts.
  • Power-point presentation on - Gallery presentation, preservation and conservation.
  • Power point presentation on - The conservation project: Danaë and the shower of gold.
  • Plus examples and items on the gallery's standard mounts and examples of hanging systems, D-rings and corporate profiles used.

The Art industry Learning Box is a fantastic introduction to behind the scenes at the Geelong Gallery.  It is a great tool to use before your visit to the Geelong Gallery in order to understand our aims and objectives. It will enable students to focus and extend their knowledge of the presentation of an exhibition in the Geelong Gallery art space when they visit a selected exhibition.

2. Education kits
The Education kits provide information for teachers to prepare their students for visits to the Gallery as well as providing information for classroom activities following a visit.

Geelong Gallery collection
The images and notes for key works in the Gallery's collection. Some artworks reproduced in the kit may not be on display at any given time, so please check with the Gallery prior to your visit.

This kit contains:
Thirteen artists sheets - Eugène von Guérard; Louis Buvelot and Julian Ashton; Frederick McCubbin and Alexander Stanhope Forbes; Edwin Long and Johann Victor Kraemer; Roland Wakelin and Grace Cossington Smith; Danila Vassilieff and Noel Counihan; John Brack and Charles Blackman; Ian Burn and Sydney Ball; Suzanne Forsyth-Hatch and Margaret Dodd; Dick Watkins and Lesley Dumbrell; Peter Booth and Maria Kozic; Peter Tyndall and John Nixon; Sally Smart and Jenny Watson.
Booklet - Geelong's early history through art: the story of Geelong's development as depicted by colonial artists.