Risk assessment

A visit to the Gallery is a low risk for a school group.

The Gallery environment:
Established in 1896, the Geelong Gallery is one of Victoria's oldest and largest regional art galleries. Situated next to the Town Hall and overlooking Johnstone Park, the Gallery's historic premises have been extensively restored bringing it to an international standard of temperature and humidity control and consistent lighting. The elegant classic-revival style building provides nine superb display spaces for temporary exhibitions, displays of decorative arts and the permanent collection. The building comprises of two levels and has clear signage throughout and disabled access to all areas. The Gallery has public liability insurance.

The Gallery is open 10.00am - 5.00pm daily. The Gallery is closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

The Gallery has its own bus zone provided conveniently at the front of the building.

Special clothing or equipment required:
No special clothing is required; the Gallery temperature is regulated at 20 degrees Celsius +/-2, so suitable clothing, including non-slip shoes in case of wet weather is preferable. A cloakroom and lockers are provided for umbrellas, raincoats and large bags. Stools are available for students to sit on.

Risk assessment:
A visit to the Gallery is a low risk with the occurrence of injuries unlikely to very unlikely, and if an injury were to occur, it would be minor. In the highly unlikely event of a major injury or illness, the Geelong Gallery utilizes the Victorian emergency services and/or ambulance service. The nearest hospital is the Geelong Hospital in Geelong, a two-minute drive from the Gallery. As the Gallery is considered a safe and secure environment, the risk is dependant on the behavior of the students.


Very likely



Highly unlikely

Likelihood of fatality





Likelihood of major injury





Likelihood of minor injury





Likelihood of negligible injury






Prior to the visit teachers/supervisors brief students on appropriate behavior in the Gallery (eg. walking in the Gallery, listening to instructions and not touching the works of art). Students should take care entering and leaving the building to and from the bus. It is recommended that students check all bags, backpacks, coats etc in the cloakroom immediately on arrival and make their way to the foyer introduction space.

Existing risk management procedures:
The Gallery has acted to minimize all risks associated with visiting its premises. The Gallery has few obstacles to be negotiated by visitors. The Gallery maintains a clear and unobstructed path at all times. Fire/emergency evacuation procedures are managed by trained staff and tested regularly. In the event of an emergency, a siren will be heard. Students, teachers and carers will be required to follow instructions from assigned staff members, and to proceed to the evacuation area/s outside as directed.