Ex libris — the book in contemporary art
22 February 2014 to 25 May 2014

New and existing works by eight contemporary artists who use the physical form of the book as inspiration. Each artist manipulates the book form, re-purposing and investing new life in publications at a time when the relevance and future of the printed book is questioned.

Chris Bond paints new covers for paperback novels in a trompe l’oeil fashion; Penelope Davis makes silicon molds of old volumes to create luminous photograms; Danny Digby photographs the endpapers and due date slips of library books; with reference to cartography Nicholas Jones carves the form of remote islands into the covers and pages of books; Aliza Levi photographs the spines of books that reveal early attitudes towards Australia’s Indigenous population; Tom Nicholson photographs title pages and juxtaposes these in compelling ways; Patrick Pound’s archival-based installation brings together publications with references to lightness and darkness; and Kylie Stillman carves detailed forms into stacked paperbacks.


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