British art pottery 1880–1980
19 April 2014 to 17 August 2014

This exhibition comprises a selection of
works from Geelong Gallery's permanent collection of British art pottery largely
donated in the 1990s by Adelaide collector, Dr HD Chamberlain. The display represents
many of the prominent manufactories active since the 1880s.

The term ‘art pottery’ refers to ceramic wares that are hand-thrown and hand-decorated by craftsmen rather than by machine or production line.

Dramatic and colourful glazes—frequently combined with rich, textural effects—are the distinguishing features of art pottery of the period. Several works exemplify skilful modelling and relief carving.

Exported to Australia in quantity in the first half of the twentieth century, British art pottery exerted a notable influence on Australian studio potters and china painters who adapted the characteristic motifs and methods of the imported wares. In due course, Australian artists incorporated native flora and fauna designs to give their work a distinctively Australian quality.