2008 Fletcher Jones art prize
16 August 2008 to 26 October 2008

An exhibition of thirty-eight short-listed paintings from around Australia submitted for this biennial $30,000 acquisitive award.

Fletcher Jones has generously sponsored the event that assists with the development of the Gallery's contemporary collection.

The 2008 Fletcher Jones art prize was awarded to Nadine Christensen for her work, Untitled (Tiled floor) (2008). Christensen’s superbly executed work, brings together seemingly unconnected items — a light fitting on a wrought iron base, a video recorder, monitor, feathers, twine, domestic dog and wolf — that are positioned on an angled floor of decorative tiles. Untitled (Tiled floor) explores the relationship between nature and artifice, old and new, real and illusionary, as well as notions of redundancy in a materialistic and technological age. Christensen aims to achieve maximum flatness in the work: in the choice of board as the painting’s support, the meticulous application of the paint layers and in the removal of pictorial depth in the carefully arranged composition.

Exhibition Sponsor