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Stories from the shore — Joel Wolter
19 October 2013 to 1 December 2013

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Special events in conjunction with this exhibition:

Artist's floortalk—
Sunday 17 November at 3.00pm

Join Joel Wolter for a fascinating floortalk about his artistic practice and a selection of works on display in Stories from the shore. Free! No bookings required.

Geelong region artists program.

From Saturday 19 October the Geelong Gallery will present Stories from the shore, a contemplative and evocative exhibition by Joel Wolter, which depicts intricate still life images and broody scenes of the Geelong region.

This special exhibition, which forms part of the Geelong region artists program, features around 30 small to large scale prints and paintings that reflect on the artist’s home town. Each work tells a story of the human impact on the natural world and the transience of time and place.

Well-known for his printmaking Stories from the shore provides a rare opportunity for visitors to the Geelong Gallery to view a new series of oil paintings by Wolter. Ranging from small scale still life images to larger scale landscapes each painting reveals the artist’s fascination in commemorating an ephemeral object or capturing a precise moment in an understated way.

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