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Accounts of my dancing evenings. Season 1914 — Jim Pavlidis
14 June 2014 to 24 August 2014

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Special event in conjunction with this exhibition:

Meet the artist
Sunday 10 August at 3.00pm

Join Jim Pavlidis for a fascinating floortalk about his artistic practice and a selection of works on display in Accounts of my dancing evenings. Season 1914. This event is free. No bookings required.

From 14 June the Geelong Gallery will present a poignant exhibition of prints and paintings by Jim Pavlidis, which commemorate one woman’s life in suburban Melbourne in 1914.

Inspired by the personal diary of 19 year old Winifred Noble, Accounts of my dancing evenings. Season 1914—Jim Pavlidis explores the musings of the author at a significant moment in history: the cusp of the outbreak of the First World War.

Bearing the handwritten title ‘Accounts of my dancing evenings. Season 1914’, Winifred’s diary of that year is one of 39 journals recovered from a recycling depot in the Melbourne suburb of Kew by a family member of the artist in the mid-1980s: collectively their contents span over four decades, from 1908
to 1954.

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