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Silent life — Sally Cleary
19 July 2014 to 7 September 2014

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Special events in conjunction with this
special exhibition:

Artist's floortalk—
Sally Cleary
Sunday 24 August at 3.00pm

Join Sally Cleary for a fascinating floortalk that explores Silent life and her artistic practice. This event is free. No bookings required.

Geelong region artists program.

Silent life, a haunting multi-media installation by Sally Cleary, explores Australian ecology including water usage, habitat removal and species extinction.

As the third instalment of an ongoing investigation, Silent life is Sally Cleary’s most ambitious project to date. In the middle of a river made from porcelain slip which slowly dries and cracks over time, two porcelain Barking owls perched on fence posts call out to each other (a poignant reminder that they once inhabited the Great Otway National Park).

Silent life offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors to the Geelong Gallery. A 12 metre boardwalk spanning the length of the exhibition space invites visitors to move through the created landscape and enter the stage of this ‘still life’. From this vantage point, visitors will hear an evocative soundscape of the natural world, primarily recorded in the Otways by Cleary, whilst the lighting simulates the day fading into night and back to day. The gradual drying and cracking of the porcelain slip floor throughout the duration of the exhibition provides an additional time-based element to this installation and evokes a landscape subject to drought and global warming.


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This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria

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