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Melrose art pottery
7 July 2012 to 7 October 2012

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Special events in conjunction with this exhibition:

Wednesday 15 August at 12.30pm
Presented by Greg Hill, exhibition curator

Melrose art pottery tells the story of the Hoffman Brick, Tile and Pottery Company’s survival during the 1930s Depression. Established in 1862, and located in Brunswick, the company was the largest business of its type in the southern hemisphere.

Featuring over 100 objects sourced from public and private collections, this exhibition provides a fascinating insight into the social history of the era and the Melrose range of pottery Hoffman's produced to remain economically viable in turbulent times. These ceramics, once used commonly in the domestic household, have now become highly valued collector items and cultural icons.

A Bundoora Homestead Art Centre touring exhibition.


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