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Skater – portraits by Nikki Toole
30 June 2012 to 9 September 2012

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Special events in conjunction with this exhibition:

First Fridays lecture—Friends of Geelong Gallery
Friday 6 July at 11.00am
Presented by Nikki Toole, exhibiting artist

Friday 6 July at 2.30pm
Presented by Nikki Toole, exhibiting artist

Skater photo shoot
Saturday 18 August at 2.30pm
Nikki Toole, exhibiting artist, with local skaters

National Portrait Gallery and Geelong Gallery touring exhibition

Skater—portraits by Nikki Toole features 19 black and white photographs that examine identity within the global skateboarding culture.

Rather than depict the skaters in action shots, Toole has chosen to focus her lens on a different angle. As a result these black and white portraits evoke stillness and depth as each subject holds their skateboard, and their gaze, as they stare intently into the camera towards the viewer.

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Melissa Hart

Marketing and Public Programs Co-ordinator
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