Art industry context learning box

Learning boxes are free for schools to borrow (depending on availability) and supported by professional development opportunities for teachers. Contact Gail Frost, Geelong Gallery Educator at

Studio Art 2010-2014, Area of Study 3 

Geelong Gallery created this learning box to support students in acquiring both knowledge and skill in the roles, presentation, preservation and conservation requirements of artworks in a public collection.


This Learning box includes the following:

  • DVD Insight into Geelong Gallery - faces and facts.
  • Power-point presentation on - Gallery presentation, preservation and conservation.
  • Power point presentation on - The conservation project:Danaë and the shower of gold.
  • Plus examples and items on the gallery's standard mounts and examples of hanging systems, D-rings and corporate profiles used.

The Art industry Learning Box is a fantastic introduction to behind the scenes at the Geelong Gallery.  It is a great tool to use before your visit to the Geelong Gallery in order to understand our aims and objectives. It will enable students to focus and extend their knowledge of the presentation of an exhibition in the Geelong Gallery art space when they visit a selected exhibition.