Art and sustainability: A Geelong Gallery collection resource

The works included in this resource are a part of the Gallery’s collection and may not be on display.

Geelong Gallery is committed to engaging with the realities of our changing climate and environment through the works of leading artists. With your students, explore the potential of artists to address current global sustainability challenges and inspire change.

This education resource examines five key works in the Gallery’s permanent collection that highlight themes such as human impact on the environment, sustainable farming and globalisation.

Teachers are provided with practical insights into artworks with questions for viewing, research topics and art making activities that promote visual analysis and foster critical and creative thinking across the different learning areas.

The learning material also provides further opportunities to incorporate ‘sustainability’ into teaching and learning practices in The Arts, History, Science and Geography.

Curriculum links

Victorian Curriculum Levels 5 to 9–The Arts (Visual arts)

Explore and express ideas, visual arts practices, present and perform, respond and interpret.

This resource promotes the four capabilities within the Victorian Curriculum F–10: Critical and Creative Thinking; Intercultural; Personal and Social; and Ethical Capability.

Learning objectives

Analyse and interpret themes, concepts and ideas in artworks included in the resource and discuss how they are expressed;

Discuss how artists use materials, techniques, technologies and processes to realise the intentions in their artworks;

Discuss important influences on an artist’s style and art-making; and

Identify and connect specific aspects of an artist’s work to a wider historical, cultural and social context.

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Art and sustainability: A Geelong Gallery collection resource (PDF, 1.76 MB)