Photographer: Daniel Faro

Photographer: Daniel Faro

Creative thinking—Art + Design workshops

31 January to 20 December

Victorian Curriculum Levels 4 to 10—The Arts (Visual Arts, Visual Communication Design), Design and Technologies

This program can be delivered in the Gallery or as an incursion via Google Classrooms, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex or Zoom.


Students will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of art and design thinking, in a workshop tailored to one of Geelong Gallery's current exhibitions.

Explore key works on display to discover the creative process and inspiration of different artists in a series of activities that will stimulate idea generation, problem-solving, and critical and creative thinking skills to encourage students to follow their intuition and embrace the unpredictable.

These workshops support the integration of STEM/STEAM project-based learning with the visual arts.

Cost: $5 per student

To learn more about this program please contact Learning and Audience Engagement Manager Elishia Furet or complete a booking form