Black cat badge 1923
Bob Gartland Collection

Black cat badge 1923
Bob Gartland Collection

Poppykettle children’s festival

22 October 9.30am to 2.30pm

For bookings email Kelly Clifford
Geelong Arts Centre

To celebrate Children’s Week, a national celebration of children’s rights, talents and citizenship. Primary school students are invited to participate in a multi-arts festival that encourages children to celebrate the arts by exploring their own creativity through a range of interactive workshops.

Workshops will be held at Geelong Gallery, Geelong Arts Centre and Geelong Regional Libraries.

Design hub—make your own badge
Celebrate the 160th anniversary of Geelong Football Club’s formation in 1859, be inspired by the extraordinary, treasured objects and images from the collection of Bob Gartland that tell the stories of the Geelong Football Club.

Make your own Geelong Football Club badge and re-create the changing design of the Club’s Cat Mascot.

Cost—$5 per student