2015 Geelong acquisitive print awards

The Geelong Gallery invites artists to submit entries for the 2015 Geelong acquisitive print awards. This acquisitive prize and exhibition has been conducted by the Gallery since 1996.

Please note: the award is open to artists practicing in recognised printmaking processes (such as intaglio, relief, planographic and digital processes) and does not extend to photographic prints. 

An exhibition of selected prints will be held at the Gallery from 22 August to 22 November 2015, from which, prizes totalling $9,500 will be awarded consisting of:

  • the Geelong acquisitive print award of $5,000
  • the Ursula Hoff Institute award of $1,500 for emerging printmakers
  • additional acquisitions up to $3,000

The prize-winning prints will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on Friday 21 August 2015 and will become the property of the Gallery upon payment of the prize money (of $5,000 and $1,500 respectively) to the winning entrants and to the artists whose works are acquired (to the value of the nominated purchase price). 


Sponsored by the Geelong Gallery Grasshoppers, an anonymous donor and the Ursula Hoff Institute (UHI)

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