Installation view, A print legacy—in memory of Dr Colin Holden (featuring Sue Pickford Some hero—feat of clay  2015–16). Photographer: Andrew Curtis.


Through a bequest, of any size, you can make a significant and lasting tribute that will develop and strengthen the Geelong Gallery’s collection and public programs into the future.

A bequest to the Geelong Gallery is a precious gift and most generous way of making a lasting contribution to the Gallery. Such a legacy will enable present and future generations to draw inspiration and have transformative experiences from this much-loved institution.

Making a bequest in your Will is a straightforward process. After considering your family and loved ones, you can make a real and positive difference to Greater Geelong’s community and cultural landscape.

The Gallery maintains a permanent record of its benefactors and will acknowledge your generosity in a manner you feel appropriate or anonymously. We will always respect your wishes.

We are happy to discuss how you can support the Gallery and any personal requests or special areas of interest you may have. For more information about our bequest program, please contact the Gallery on 03 5229 3645 or download our bequest brochure.

By notifying us of your bequest, you will be invited to become a member of the Hitchcock Society. The Hitchcock Society acknowledges its members, past and present, encourages future bequests and holds events to thank and celebrate the generosity of its members. For more information about the Hitchcock Society, click here.

Dorothy McAllister Bequest—provides funds for the acquisition of early British (1780–1820) and Australian porcelain as well as examples of work by Geelong’s Colonial silversmiths.

Sybil Craig Bequest—provides funds for the acquisition of works on paper.

JB Ryan Perpetual Trust—provides funds for the acquisition of works of art.