Photographer: Cormac Hanrahan

Winner—Kinder to Foundation
Finlay Lycett
Sitter: Mum, Dr Laura Lycett
Bambini Early Learning Centre (Kindergarten)

Winner—Levels 1 to 3
Meg Taylor
Sitter: Mrs Fisher
Geelong Grammar School, Bostock House (Level 2)

Winner—Levels 4 to 6
Emma Pape
Ocean Grove Primary School (Level 6)

Winner—Levels 7 to 9
Emily Wood
The Geelong College (Level 7)

Winner—Levels 10 to VCE
D’Jana Biden
Sitter: Harb Chehade
Heathdale Christian College (Level 11)

Who’s who portrait prize

15 September 2018 to 18 November 2018

Coinciding with the Geelong Gallery's presentation of the Art Gallery of New South Wales' 2018 Archibald Prize, this student prize marked Jules Francois Archibald’s connection to Geelong and encouraged and inspired young artists to celebrate local or regional identities, their personal histories and achievements—through portraiture. 

Geelong Gallery congratulates the five 2018 Who's who portrait prize winnersFinlay Lycett (Bambini Early Learning Centre), Meg Taylor (Geelong Grammar School, Bostock House), Emma Pape (Ocean Grove Primary School), Emily Wood (The Geelong College) and D’Jana Biden (Heathdale Christian College).