Geelong Art Gallery Foundation

The Geelong Art Gallery Foundation has launched its annual giving appeal for 2014, which seeks your support
across a range of areas that
are critical to the future success
of the Geelong Gallery.

Every donation makes a difference—
Geelong Art Gallery Foundation
annual giving appeal 2014—
donation form (PDF, 112 KB)

A gift to the Geelong Art Gallery Foundation will ensure our world-class institution continues to inspire, educate and delight audiences from near and far.

Your support will make a difference in the following areas—

  • Acquisition and conservation of
    works of art

    The specialist care and strategic development of our collection is a prime responsibility within the Gallery's mission. You can nominate support for acquisitions and the urgent conservation of works of art identified in the Gallery's Conservation Master Plan.

  • 'Greener Gallery' program and
    visitor amenities

    We are keen to develop a new, environmentally responsible approach to the Gallery's energy consumption. This will have various long-term benefits both environmentally and financially.

  • Education, exhibition and
    public programs

    Currently close to 100 educational institutions use the Gallery's services. Your support will assist to develop additional electronic resources for use in a range of programs.

About the Foundation
The Geelong Art Gallery Foundation was formed in 1984 to raise funds for the long-term benefit of the Gallery and its collection. A gift to the Geelong Art Gallery Foundation is a lasting and rewarding way of supporting the Gallery.

Donations are recognised in the following categories—

Life Benefactor$1,000,000+
Gold Benefactor$500,000–$999,999
Gold Patron$100,000–$199,999
Gold Donor$20,000–$49,999
Gold Member$5,000–$9,999

Geelong Art Gallery Foundation board

Dr Jim Cousins AO


Maria Hamilton

Deputy Chair—
Rosemary Forsyth

Hon. Treasurer & Secretary—
Philip Marshman

Barbara Abley
Terry Wills Cooke
Geoffrey Edwards
Andrew Jones

Further information—
For all enquiries about the Geelong Art Gallery Foundation, please contact—
T. 03 5229 3645