2019 Geelong acquisitive print awards

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The Geelong acquisitive print awards continue a long tradition of prize exhibitions staged by Geelong Gallery and reflect a longstanding commitment to the acquisition and display of prints.

2019 Finalists

Alison Alder

Rosalind Atkins

GW Bot

Susanna Castleden

Tony Coleing

Christine Courcier-Jones

Marian Crawford

Phil Day

Marieke Dench

Clive Dickson

Dianne Fogwell

Graham Fransella

David Frazer

Silvi Glattauer

Jackie Gorring

Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison

Rew Hanks

Kyoko Imazu

Locust Jones

Martin King

Barbie Kjar

Steve Lopes

Tim Maguire

Marion Manifold

Jordan Marani

Laith McGregor

Glenn Morgan

Stieg Persson

Brian Robinson

Teho Ropeyarn

Jonas Ropponen

John Ryrie

Heather Shimmen

Ruth Stanton

Anne Starling

Joel Wolter

Important dates

Entries closed Friday 14 June (5.00 pm)

Shortlisting early July

Notification of selection late July

Selected entries to be delivered to the Gallery from Monday 19 to Friday 23 August (between 10.00am and 4.00pm)


Official opening Thursday 19 September

Exhibition dates 20 September to 24 November

Collection of non-acquired works from Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 November (between 10.00am and 4.00 pm)




Danny Lacy

Senior Curator
Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

Lisa Sullivan

Senior Curator
Geelong Gallery

Trent Walter

Negative Press

Conditions of entry

1. The 2019 Geelong acquisitive print awards (the prize) is open to artists living and working in Australia. Entrants may enter one print only, using any recognised printmaking process (such as intaglio, relief, planographic and digital processes) not including photographic prints. Artists’ books are accepted.

2. Using the online entry form below, entrants must submit a completed entry form including payment of $35.00 (incl. GST) and attach digital images of their print to be eligible for entry in the prize. Upon lodgement, acknowledgment of entry and receipt of payment will be sent to entrants via an automated email.

3. Supply of digital images — one image of the complete work (full sheet) plus one detail will be accepted. For artists’ books, a total of three images will be accepted (for example two pages and a detail of one page, or three separate pages). Digital images to be supplied as JPEG files, A4 in size, 300dpi. JPEGs should be saved with the following details as the file name: artist's surname_artist's first name_title_date_print medium.jpeg (Example: fogwell_dianne_mildura meander_2015_linocut.jpeg). Entrants are advised to submit high quality images as those supplied at time of entry will be used by the Gallery for judging, publication and promotion (should the work be selected for exhibition). Photographs, photocopied reproductions, images sent via email or USB or any other representation of work will not be accepted.

4. An entry must be the original work of the entrant and must have been executed in the two years prior to 14 June 2019 (the closing date). An entry must be in the possession of the artist or dealer/agent.

5. There are no size restrictions for entry of 2D works, however, please note that display wall height is 3.5 metres. Please note: for artists’ books, dimensions must not exceed 40.0 x 50.0 cm (closed), 40.0 x 100.0 cm (open).

6. A correctly completed entry form accepting these conditions, payment and attached images must be lodged at the Gallery’s website by the closing date: Friday 14 June 2019 (5.00 pm). Entries lodged after the closing date will not be eligible.

7. Payment may be made by supplying credit card details and authorising payment on the online entry form. The entry fee is non-refundable.

8. The Gallery shall appoint the judging panel that will, in the first instance, view all entries (digital images) that comply with the conditions of entry and select a limited number of works for inclusion in the exhibition. The judging panel reserves the right to exhibit, or not exhibit, any work entered. The judging panel shall solely determine the prize-winning prints for acquisition from the exhibition. The judging panel’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. The Gallery and the judging panel reserve the right not to award any prizes.

9. Each entrant whose print is selected for inclusion in the exhibition will be notified of selection via email and will be required to deliver this work (the selected print) to the Gallery from Monday 19 to Friday 23 August between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Please note that substitutes for works first entered by the closing date will not be accepted.

10. The selected print must be available for display throughout the duration of the exhibition.

11. The selected print must be professionally presented and ready for installation. It should be received by the Gallery:

  • framed and glazed. D-rings must be attached to the back of the frame on left and right vertical edges to enable safe hanging from two points,
  • (in the case of artists’ books and unframed works) with installation instructions (where applicable)

    The Gallery reserves the right to exclude works that do not meet the required standard for display. 

12. The selected print must be securely packaged to ensure safe transport to and from the Gallery. The packaging must be clearly labelled and suitable for the Gallery to re-use for the return of the selected print.

13. The selected print will not be received by the Gallery unless free of charge to the Gallery. No payment will be made by the Gallery for freight or any other charge incurred in the delivery and/or return of the selected print.

14. Best practice in the handling and care of works will be implemented at all times by Gallery staff, however, the Gallery will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered to any print in its possession or under its control. Each entrant shall indemnify the Gallery against any loss or damage suffered to the selected print. Insurance coverage is the full responsibility of the entrant (transit and in-situ) and is recommended by the Gallery.

15. Each entrant specifically permits and authorises the Gallery to reproduce the selected print (in full or detail) via print or electronic media for publicity, reports, catalogues and any other publications related to the exhibition. The Gallery reserves the right to reproduce acquired works in subsequent promotion of the prize, the Gallery and its collection. Acknowledgement of authorship will be duly made. Copyright permission will be sought should the Gallery receive an external request (from an institution or publisher) for reproduction of an acquired work. Authority to reproduce the selected print is also extended to the Ursula Hoff Institute for promotion of the prize (for example: the UHI website), and Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop respectively.

16. The selected print must be available for acquisition by the Gallery. Each entrant shall nominate the purchase value of the selected print — it is recommended that this is a fair market price.

17. Gallery employees, members of the Gallery Board, members of Gallery support groups, members of the judging panel, committee members of the Ursula Hoff Institute, and their families shall be ineligible to enter the prize.

18. Shortlisted artists may be contacted by the Gallery to participate in public programs, contribute to media engagements or education activities — availability of artists during the exhibition dates is appreciated.

19. The prize-winning prints will be announced at the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 19 September and shall become the property of the Gallery upon payment of the prize money to the winning entrants. NB: all prize monies paid are inclusive of GST (where applicable).

20. The exhibition closes on Sunday 24 November 2019. The Gallery will contact entrants in the week commencing Monday 4 November seeking confirmation of arrangements for the collection of non-acquired works. Works can be collected from Tuesday 26 November to Friday 29 November between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. Collection outside these hours must be arranged with the Gallery prior to Friday 1 November (5.00 pm). Works not collected by Monday 2 December will be returned to the entrant at the entrant's expense.

Previous winners

Geelong acquisitive print award
Dianne Fogwell
Mildura meander

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Ursula Hoff Institute award
Clare Humphries
A fraction of a small distance

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Geelong acquisitive print award
Sophie Cape
The devil's firmament

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Deidre Brollo
Fathom 2013

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Geelong acquisitive print award
Lisa Roet
The Beast of Cuvier I, II & III

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Ursula Hoff Institute award
Travis Paterson
Is this where your heart is?

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Geelong acquisitive print award
Bruce Latimer
Hold up

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Geelong acquisitive print award
Angela Cavalieri
Le città continue

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Previous winners

Geelong contemporary art prize
Andrew Browne
The awakening

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Geelong contemporary art prize
Kate Beynon
Graveyard scene/the beauty and sadness of bones 2014–15

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Geelong contemporary art prize
Rob McHaffie
Preserve this fruit

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Geelong contemporary art prize
Paul Ryan
Wild Colonial boys

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Fletcher Jones art prize
Juan Ford
Painting, phrenology (Abstraction)

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Sam Leach
Peacock going up

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Tim McMonagle
The happy song

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