Fund something you can't see

The first stage of Geelong Gallery’s collection storage upgrade campaign raised $25,338 through the support of 104 community donors during our 30-day Pozible campaign.

Fund something you can’t see ensured the Gallery's back-of-house upgrade from 2019–20 which saw an increase to painting storage by 25%, demonstrably improved access to the collection for Gallery staff, students, art historians and researchers, and ensured the continuation of best practice in collection and cultural heritage management.

Funds raised delivered the purchase and installation of 15 museum-grade painting racks, a vertical shelving system for framed works on paper (tills), improved shelving for decorative arts storage, a dedicated area for the processing of inward and outward collection movements which doubles as a viewing area, and a preparation table for the mounting of works on paper.

Thank you for supporting Fund something you can’t see.

This project was endorsed by Creative Partnerships Australia’s fund-matching scheme Plus1. Every dollar raised was matched.