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Brian Robinson
Bedhan Lag: Land of the Kaiwalagal 2019
linocut; edition 5/10 (printed by Theo Tremblay, Editions Tremblay)
Geelong Gallery
Ursula Hoff Institute award, 2019
Courtesy of the artist
Photographer: Michael Marzik

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Queenie McKenzie
Untitled 1994
earth pigments and natural
binder on canvas
Geelong Gallery
Gift of Jim Cousins AO and Libby Cousins
through the Australian Government’s
Cultural Gifts Program, 2018
© Queenie McKenzie/Copyright Agency, 2020

Exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories

Geelong Gallery recognises Aboriginal people as amongst the oldest surviving continuing cultures in the world, having occupied the continent we now refer to as Australia for at least 60,000 years.

Geelong Gallery has the beginnings of a fine and focussed representation of Indigenous Australian art that reveals the cultural and aesthetic diversity of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art. This education resource examines key works in the Gallery’s collection made in artistic centres throughout Australia including Utopia, Haasts Bluff, the Kimberley region and Torres Strait Islands.

Teachers are provided with practical insights into artworks with questions for viewing, research topics and art-making activities to promote visual analysis and foster critical and creative thinking across the different learning areas. Students are encouraged to consider how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, shape visual arts practice.

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Exploring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories eduction resource (PDF, 2.37 MB)

A Geelong Gallery collection resource for Victorian Curriculum levels 5 to 10—The Arts (Visual arts)

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