First Nations perspectives: Corrina Eccles—a Wadawurrung woman

Corrina Eccles, a Wadawurrung woman reflects on Geelong Gallery collection work Lake Modewarre, near Geelong, Victoria, Australia, 1856, by George Alexander Gilbert. Corrina discusses her ancestors, the Wadawurrung people caring for the land since its creation by Bunjil over 60,000 years ago. Corrina visits the site of Gilbert’s painting, Modewarre, and talks about the importance of the area to her people—the significance of the Modiwarr (Musk Duck) and Kunawarra (Black Swan), and the importance of the land and its flora and fauna as a traditional source for food, clothing, transport and tools.

This video resource is supported by Creative Victoria and the Department of Education and Training Strategic Partnership Program. Geelong Gallery also thanks the Koorie Education Support Officers for their advice and guidance.

Victorian Curriculum links

Levels 3 and 6 History, Historical Knowledge | Community, remembrance and celebrations and Levels 3 and 6 Geography, Geographical Knowledge | Diversity and significance of places and environments