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Gloria Petyarre 
Mountain devil dreaming
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
Geelong Gallery, Gift of Jim Cousins AO and Libby Cousins, 2017
© Gloria Petyarre licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency
Photographer: Andrew Curtis

Katarra Nampitjinpa

Katarra Nampitjinpa
Language group: Pintupi

Untitled 1996
oil on canvas
Geelong Gallery
Gift of Jim and Libby Cousins, 2005
© Estate of the artist 2020 licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency

Katarra Nampitjinpa began painting on the first part of the Minyma Tjukurrpa’ Kintore Haasts Bluff painting project in 1994. The same year, she became actively involved with the Kintore batik project organised by Jill Squire and Therese Honan who were employed by the Aboriginal Education Unit of the Department of Education. Katarra moved to Haasts Bluff in late 1994 where she produced paintings on canvas for the Ikuntji Women’s Centre. Ikuntij was established in 1992 and is situated in the unique and striking landscape of the west MacDonnell Ranges.

Katarra Nampitjinpa uses bold colour, pattern and shape to create designs that represent personal symbols and stories. Learn more about the traditional symbols and motifs depicted using striking colours.

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