Ropeyan_Teho_Lukuyn-apudthama_2017_vinyl-cut-print-on-paper. Photographer Michael Marzik web

Teho Ropeyarn 
Lukuyn Apudthama 2017
vinylcut; edition 1/5 (state II) (printed by Theo Tremblay, Editions Tremblay)
Geelong Gallery, Geelong acquisitive print awards (winner), 2019
Courtesy of the artist
Photographer: Andrew Curtis

Teho Ropeyarn

Teho Ropeyarn

Born 1988, Mount Isa, Queensland
Community: Injinoo
Clan Group: Angkamuthi and Yadhaykana (Northern Cape York)

Lukuyn Apudthama 2017
vinylcut; edition 1/5 (state II); printed by Theo Tremblay, Editions Tremblay
Geelong Gallery
Geelong acquisitive print awards
(winner), 2019

The four large red male ceremonial ‘U’ shaped markings in Teho Ropeyarn’s work, ‘Lukuyn Apudthama’ 2017, represent the four clans of Injinoo (Northern Cape York), the Ankgamuthi, the Yadhaykana, the Atambaya and the Gudang. ⁠⠀⁠⠀

The spirit stream contains the main totems from each clan: the Uwinthyn—the freshwater turtle of the Ankgamuthi nation; the Utaga—the dingo of the Atambaya nation; the Ikambala—the crocodile of the Yadhaykana nation; and the Urruvu—the land goanna of the Gudang nation. ⁠⠀
These four clans willingly came together in the 1900s at Injinoo to live together in harmony. It is believed to be the only recorded reconciliation movement in early Australian history, where four clans came together to live as one, in a bid to end tribal conflicts. And it succeeded. ⁠

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