Fred Williams in the You Yangs Learn resource

Investigate ways in which Fred Williams explored, developed and expressed ideas, concepts and themes in his visual arts practice.

This resource is a starting point for exploring important themes and ideas of Fred Williams in the You Yangs, encouraging students to ask questions that generate discussions in the classroom and the Gallery.

Fred Williams in the You Yangs brings together the ground-breaking paintings, drawings and etchings that represent the turning point in Fred Williams’s art. Williams started working in the You Yangs in 1962. It is his work of this period that defined what is commonly considered his ‘classic’ interpretation of the Australian landscape. This exhibition reveals Williams’ enduring fascination with the You Yangs as a recurring subject (among others) for his painting throughout the 1960s to the late 1970s, and surveys in marvellous depth the artist’s working method.

The resource is directed towards Levels 9 to VCE, although learning activities can be adapted by educators to suit all learning levels.

Printed versions of the Fred Williams in the You Yangs Learn resource are available upon request, please contact


Fred Williams in virtual reality—Jason Smith (360° video, 2.30 mins)

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