Presentation, conservation and care of artworks

The staff at the Geelong Gallery have the responsibility of preserving the collection for future generations of Gallery visitors. Works of art deteriorate with age, and there are a number of factors that accelerate this process including climatic conditions, air pollution, pests, light and handling. At the Gallery the conservation of art works includes good housekeeping, monitoring climatic conditions, fumigation to prevent pests and a visitor education program.

Discover the preparation, presentation and conservation techniques used to preserve the collection for future generations.


Geelong Gallery overview—Jason Smith (video, 6.19 mins)

Commercial operations and marketing—Penny Whitehead (video, 5.17 mins)

2018 Geelong contemporary art prize—Andrew Browne (video, 6.39 mins)

Entering a prize: an artist's perspective—Sally Ross (video, 6.19 mins)

A history of prizes—Lisa Sullivan (video, 3.48 mins)

The importance of art prizes—Rebecca Coates (video, 5.42 mins)

Trends in contemporary art—Justin Paton (video, 5.43 mins)

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