Bob Gartland tour

Vice-President of the Geelong Football Club, Bob Gartland is a life-long supporter of the Geelong Cats and a passionate historian of the Club, and of the lives and careers of its players. Over several decades, Gartland has collected tens of thousands of items of national importance.

Join Bob on a journey through The Greatest Team of All—treasures from the Bob Gartland Collection to explore the club through a history of photography, graphic design, and uniform design across a century. Released from Bob Gartland's collection for the first time, the exhibition contained precious 19th and early 20th century original photographs, film and sound recordings, and players’ garments. These treasures presented a rich timeline of the club in an exhibition that was a truly immersive experience of the mighty blue and white from 1859 to 2019.

Video produced by Geelong Cats.