Johanna K

Johanna K

Kardinia International College, Level 8

2021 Who’s who portrait prize Levels 7–9 winner

Sitter: Dorothy 

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 Artist statement:

I chose to draw Dorothy because she has lived her live with such determination and kindness. She grew up in post-depression Ballarat, but was given the luxury of music lessons. This gave birth to a continuous relationship with music in the community. Dorothy feels fortunate that she grew up with parents who expected her to be educated, in an era when this was less common. She worked hard and became a textiles and homecraft teacher. Dorothy is a mother to three children and has created a strong and capable family, which she values as her greatest achievement. She is Godmother to my twin and a very important person to my family. She has lived on the Bellarine for 32 years and has dedicated many years of service to the community through music and volunteering. She is capable and caring. I wanted to include her "Corona Quilt", the background of her portrait as a symbol of her drive and energy in every aspect of her life. Her ability to create Art (with fabric) through her quilting resonates with me.