Juan Davila
A bush burial  2000

Artist/creator Juan Davila
Title A bush burial
Date 2000
Media Oil
Medium Canvas

Juan Davila was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1946. He studied at Colegio del Verbo Divino between 1951–63. He trained as a lawyer at the Law School of the University of Chile between1965–69 and attended the Fine Arts School of the University of Chile from 1970–72. Davila exhibited in Chile in 1974 then moved to Melbourne that same year. He has exhibited with many Australian and international galleries. Davila was editor of the Art and Criticism Monograph series in Melbourne and a member of the Committee of Revista de Critica Cultural in Santiago, Chile.


Davila is intent on debating issues of social and political significance and his works of art offer have a deliberate element of shock value. His complex and controversial paintings interrogate cultural, political and social issues and values. His earlier works frequently used mixed-media to create dislocated compositions of text and imagery.